Rainy Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Sunday Comics Challenge

Cut out comics to make your own story.
Cut out comics to make your own story.
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Sunday comics challenge lets kids create their own story, using the frames from newspaper comic strips. This rainy day activity for kids turns kids into storytellers.

What You'll Need:

  • Sunday comics
  • Scissors

Let's see how your story stacks up!

Step 1: Find your favorite comic strip, and cut apart the story frames.

Step 2: Mix up the pieces, and try to put them back in the correct order

Here's a goofy challenge: Lay the story frames out in front of your friends in random order. Now have them try to make up a story that makes sense out of the scrambled pictures!

Or show them the frames in the correct order, but leave off the last frame and see what kind of ending they come up with.

This comic activity challenges kids' storytelling ability. Continue reading to learn about an activity that will test kids' coordination.

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