Rainy Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Kids can make their own planter.
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Even when it's raining, kids can find plenty to do inside with these rainy day crafts for kids. Activities range from building a house out of cards to making a planter.

These activities encourage creative expression. From interviewing senior citizens to revising a mystery story, rainy day crafts and activities for kids require imagination.


Follow the links below to try these rainy day crafts and activities for kids:

Bathtub Art

Bath time turns into fun time when you use shaving cream to make drawings.

Internet Bingo

This challenging game combines Internet surfing skills with old-fashioned bingo.

Bulletin Board Display

Kids can create their own bulletin board to display favorite photos or important papers.

House of Cards

Building a house of cards requires skill and concentration.

Sunday Comics Challenge

Can kids put a comic strip in the right order in this puzzling challenge?

Domino Duplex

Writing Calligraphy

Practice the ancient art of calligraphy by creating your own personal lettering style.

Senior Interview

Kids can learn about the past when they interview a senior citizen.

Perfect Planter

Make a pot for a flower -- perfect to keep or for gift-giving.

Special-Shape Castings

Use foil and plaster to make castings that are ideal for gift-giving or decorating a kid's room.

Mysterious Secrets

Can you guess the mystery behind the mystery? Look for clues in a story, then reshape them to create your own mystery.

Name Game

Create your own crazy characters by mixing up the names of famous people -- Elvis Roosevelt, anyone?

Learn about crafts and activities that will make time fly when it's raining. Start by learning how to make art masterpieces during bath time.

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