Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Look for Insects in the Rain

Plant a trap to catch insects in the rain.
Plant a trap to catch insects in the rain.

Look for insects in the rain to find out what types of creatures emerge after a rainstorm.

What You'll Need:

  • Shovel
  • Glass jar
  • Piece of cheese
  • Four small rocks
  • Piece of wood
  • Piece of glass or clear plastic

Step One: Here's your mission ... should you choose to accept it! Before it begins to rain, dig a hole in a garden bed and bury a glass jar up to its neck. Make sure the opening of the jar is not covered with dirt.

Step Two: Now place your "bait" (the cheese) in it. Find four small rocks and place them on the dirt around the jar.

Step Three: Then put a small piece of wood on top of the rocks to keep the rain out of the jar. But be sure there's enough room between the wood and the jar so that the insects and other small creatures can crawl between them. Now your "trap" is set.

Step Four: Once the rain has stopped, look in the jar to see what creatures went for the cheese. If you "caught" a slug, place it on another piece of glass or a chunk of clear plastic.

Step Five: That way, you can see its underside and watch how it moves. After you've taken a look at all the creatures, let them go on their way. Mission accomplished!

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