Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Gutter Gators

Race your own gutter gators -- make a gator out of biodegradable paper, and then race it in this rain-dependent game.

What You'll Need:

  • A good rainstorm
  • Plastic sand bags
  • Sand (or dirt or gravel)
  • Thick green paper
  • Safe scissors
  • Waterproof marker

Step One: The next time it looks like rain, block off a 15-to-20-foot section of your neighborhood gutter with plastic grocery bags filled with sand, dirt, or gravel. All you need is a shallow reservoir of water to give this gator race teeth.

Step Two: As you wait for the storm to end (and your temporary dam to work), make five to ten three-inch-long paper alligators out of bright green, thick biodegradable paper.

Step Three: Decorate them however you like -- use your imagination. Make each one easy to tell from the next. Numbers (in waterproof marker) might be a good idea if your imagination runs a little dry.

Step Four: Once the rain stops, stand on the sidewalk side of the uphill end of your temporary gutter-lake. STAY OUT OF THE STREET.

Step Five: Have a friend stand on the sidewalk side of the other end. Drop your paper gators in the water, then signal your friend to pull away the dirt-filled bags.

Step Six: Race alongside your waterlogged friends until the stream of water is completely gone.

Step Seven: Which gator won the race? Were any held up along the way? Did any mysteriously vanish? You never know where those gutter gators will wind up. But it's always fun to find out.

Now that you had your own gutter races, go to the next page to learn how to trap insects after a rainstorm.

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