Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Watch for nature signs to predict rain.
Watch for nature signs to predict rain.

How's the weather today? Is it raining? With the following rainy day activities for kids, drizzle can be turned into dazzle.

Rainy Day Pictures

Create a drawing, then subject it to a brief amount of rain. The results might give you a pleasant surprise.

Predicting Rain

Look for clues in nature to find out when the rain will come. Use these tips and hints to find out how.

Gutter Gators

Create gators out of biodegradable paper to race after a heavy rain.

Look for Insects in the Rain

Make a trap for insects that will help you identify the creatures that emerge after a summer rain.

Rainy days are more fun than you thought. Begin a rainy day activity for kids by visiting the next page -- you'll discover an inventive new way to make a rainy day picture.

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