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Dog Wash

Dog wash pet activity
Dog wash pet activity
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Polish up pooch in a dog wash pet activity that could mean a pocket full of cash. Why not try a wet and wild summer activity that will help kids make their own money?

What You'll Need:

  • Cheap no-name baby shampoo
  • Water
  • Plastic bucket
  • Old towels

How to Have a Dog Wash:

Step One: Check out the fun and profit possible in washing your neighborhood's pet dogs. Slip into your swimsuit, then let your neighbors know you and a partner will bathe dogs for just $3 a head. Start with the pups in your own backyards.

Step Two: Have one partner gently hold the dog while the other washes. First, wet the dog down, carefully avoiding getting water in its ears or eyes. Pour about two tablespoons of generic baby shampoo into your wet hands and rub them together to make a soap and water paste.

Step Three: Now apply it to the dog's back and chest. Work up a good lather, again, careful of the eyes and ears. Hose all the soap from the dog's body as you rub (be sure that every trace rinses away). Towel excess water off the dog and collect your cash!

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