Pet Activities

Understanding Your Pet

Your dog or cat is trying to tell you something. Do you understand?
Your dog or cat is trying to tell you something. Do you understand?
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Understanding your pet is one of the best ways to help you communicate with and care for your special friend. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or any other pet, watch him (or her) and listen to the sounds he makes to see how he communicates with you and other animals.

What You'll Need:

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Markers

Step One: Watch your pet's eyes, ears, tails, paws, and fur. And watch his whole body. Try to figure out what he's "saying" by using his body.

Does your dog or cat ever run back and forth between you and her food bowl? (Maybe he's saying, "It's time for my dinner!") Or between you and the door? ("Let's go outside!") Does your pet roll over and look at you to let you know she wants a tummy rub?

Animals also use their voices in more ways than you might think. How many different barks does your dog have, and what do they all mean? He probably has one bark for "Someone's at the door!" and another bark for "Hey, you stepped on my tail!"

He probably also growls, whines, and makes other sounds. Each sound means he's trying to communicate with you or another animal.

It's the same with your cat. She may have one meow to say, "Feed me!" and another to say, "Can I come in now?"

Step Two: Try making a pet dictionary, in which you record all the different ways your pet communicates, and what you think each thing means. Try to draw pictures of what your pet looks like when she's "saying" different things. The more you pay attention to your pet, the better you'll understanding him.

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