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Pebble Games and Activities for Kids


Knucklebones is a kids' activity that's sure to make an impression, and very likely to keep your kids busy for a long time.

Knucklebones are small, almost cubic bones from an area in an animal's legs equivalent to our wrists and ankles. Children in ancient times saved these bones for play. Even adults saved the bones and played dice games with them.


If you can't find real knucklebones, find five round pebbles each a half to three-quarters of an inch across.

What You'll Need:

  • Five pebbles or small knucklebones

Try this ancient jacks and dice game!

Pickups: Drop four bones on a flat surface in front of you. Save the fifth, called the "jack."

Step 1: In the first round, toss the jack in the air, snatch up one bone while the jack is still in the air, and catch the jack on the way down.

Step 2: Move the bone to your other hand, and try again for the next bone. If you catch all four bones without missing the jack, toss the bones out again for a second round.

Step 3: In the second round, you must snatch two bones before catching the jack.

Step 4: In the third round, you grab three bones and the lone bone.

Step 5: In the fourth round, you grab all four bones. If you miss the jack, your opponent takes a turn.

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The following activities were designed by Maria Birmingham, Karen E. Bledsoe, and Kelly Milner Halls.

Skipping Stones Knucklebones