Oktoberfest Activities

Pumpkin Head Twirlers

Pumpkin Head Twirlers Oktoberfest activity.
Pumpkin Head Twirlers Oktoberfest activity.

Not only are these Pumpkin Head Twirlers a great Oktoberfest activity, they are also amusing toys that never tire of going round and round.

What you'll need:

thin cardboard




plastic drinking straws

chenille stems


First, draw a little person about 4 inches tall on a piece of thin cardboard. For the person's head, draw a pumpkin with a face on it. Give it a funny hat if you want. Use the markers to decorate it.

Cut out the pumpkin-head person and tape chenille stems to its back to form arms and legs. Use one horseshoe-shaped piece for both arms, and another horseshoe-shaped piece for both legs.

Wrap the ends of the arms around a drinking straw so your pumpkin-head person is holding on like a trapeze artist. When you twirl the ends of the straw, watch the tricks begin!

Make another pumpkin-head person and wrap the ends of its legs around the straw. Make a whole circus of pumpkin-head performers.

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