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The Probability of Heads or Tails Activity for Kids

Flip a coin to test the probability of heads or tails. What does that mean? Well, the "probability" of an event -- such as flipping a coin -- refers to the likelihood that something will happen, such as whether it will come up heads or tails.

For instance, what would happen if a coin were flipped 100 times? Which do you think would turn up more often: heads or tails? Would the results be different with a different kind of coin? Give it a try, and compare your best guess to the actual results.

What You'll Need




How to Find the Probability of Heads or Tails

Step 1: Choose a coin and flip it 100 times, recording the result of each flip.

Step 2: Tally the results.

Step 3: Try the test again with a different kind of coin. Is the result the same or different?

To simplify, test a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter, flipping each 20 times and recording the results of each flip. Compare the results.

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