Math Games for Kids


In triangulation, it's a race for your kids against their friends to draw triangles, so try to see who will make the most.

What You'll Need:

  • Sheet of white, unlined paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencils

How to Play Triangulation:

Step 1: This is a game for two or three players. With the ruler and a pencil, the first player makes a small triangle in the center of the paper. The player's score for that turn is one, since one triangle was formed.

Step 2: The second player is allowed to make three lines with the ruler and pencil. They may make the lines anywhere they like.

Step 3: If they make them around the first triangle, with two sides overlapping two sides of the first triangle, their score is two; one for the triangle they made and one for the triangle within the triangle they just made. By overlapping lines, they also set up an interesting opportunity for multiple scores in the future.

Step 4: Play continues with each player making three moves and scoring according to the number of triangles contained in the triangle just formed. The game ends when players run out of room on the paper.

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