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Homemade Fishing Rod

You'll get nibbles aplenty with this homemade fishing pole!
You'll get nibbles aplenty with thishomemade fishing pole!
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Your child doesn't need expensive equipment to catch fish. The fish don't care if you have a homemade fishing rod or a store-bought one.

What You'll Need:

  • Sturdy stick, four to five feet long
  • Fishing line
  • Safe scissors
  • Fish hook
  • Plastic bobber
  • Bait

NOTE: The best type of stick for your fishing rod is strong, yet slightly flexible. Bamboo, about one half-inch thick, would be ideal. Find something similar in your own yard or campground.


Step 1: Tie one end of the fishing line to the handle (use the thicker end of the stick as the handle). Wrap the line in a spiral around the stick until you reach the tip. Tie the line firmly to the tip, but don't cut the line yet.

Step 2: Unroll the line about a foot longer than your stick, and cut it off the roll. You should have a continuous length of fishing line extending from the handle of your stick down to the hook. (That way, if the fishing rod breaks in the middle, you still have the line in your hand.)

Step 3: Tie a hook to the end of the line. Fasten a bobber to the middle of the line. You'll want to use a ball-shaped red and white bobber with a spring-loaded hook that will fasten it anywhere on the line.

Now you're ready to fish! For bait, use worms or other material from a sporting goods store.

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