Indoor Games for Kids

String it Along Relay Game

With this string it along relay game, if you play your cards right you'll win. Try this fun indoor game.

What You'll Need:

  • Ten-foot lengths of string
  • Staplers
  • Old playing cards
  • Friends

To win this crazy relay, your team has to staple 20 cards to a 10-foot length of string, two cards (one player) at a time.

Step One: Line up at least 30 feet from the ten-foot lengths of string and staplers.

Step Two: Be sure each player has one card in each hand. When you shout "Go!" one player from each team races to their string, grabs the stapler and starts stapling the cards to the string.

Step Three: Once they've hooked two to the cord, they run back and tag the next players in line, who run up and do the same. The first team to securely attach 20 cards to that 10-foot length of string (so no cards fall off when you wave the string in the air) wins!

Now that you've played the relay game with your friends, find out how to test your friends' senses on the next page.

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