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Indoor Crafts for Kids

Pom-Pom Cat Toy

Make a pom pom cat toy.
Make a pom pom cat toy.
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It's nice to make crafts for special people, but don't leave out your feline friends! Pom-pom cat toys are fun to make and a riot for Fluffy to play with.

What You'll Need:

  • Solid-color or multicolored scrap yarn
  • Medium-size crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard

Step 1: Curl one end of the yarn over itself to form a circle. Hold the circle closed with your thumb and index finger. Push part of the long end of the yarn through the circle with your thumb.


Step 2: Pull the loop that is created through the circle with your other hand. Pull tightly so that you form a closed loop. You just made a slipknot! The slipknot will have a short and a long end.

Step 3: Stick the curved part of the crochet hook through the slip knot. Pull the slip knot almost closed around the hook. Wrap the long end of the yarn twice around the index finger of your other hand.

Step 4: Hold the short end of the yarn with the thumb and middle finger of the same hand. With the curved part of the hook, grab a piece of yarn from your index finger and pull it through the slip knot on the crochet hook. Pull slightly so that you form a closed loop. You've made the first link in the chain!

Step 5: Continue making links in the chain until the chain is about 3 feet long.

Step 6: Make a pom-pom by wrapping some yarn around a 2-inch piece of cardboard about 50 times. Pinch the middle of the yarn, and pull it off the cardboard.

Step 7: With the yarn still held flat between your fingers, knot a piece of yarn tightly around the middle. Snip open the "loop" on either side of the middle.

Step 8: Fluff and trim the ends of the pom-pom, but don't trim the long ends of the yarn you used to tie off the middle.

Step 9: Use the long ends to attach the pom-pom to the end of the chain. Twitch the toy left and right, just out of reach of your feline friend. "Here, kitty, kitty, catch me if you can!"

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