Indoor Crafts for Kids

Snazzy Scrapbook

A snazzy scrapbook can showcase awesome vacation souvenirs or share your happy memories with someone.

What You'll Need:

  • 5 x 7-inch autograph book or journal with unlined pages
  • Paper (white as well as solid-color paper)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Fancy scissors that cut in patterns
  • 1/2 yard of fake fur or other novelty fabric
  • Different colors of felt
  • Markers (regular and glitter markers)
  • Glue (white, multicolored, and glitter glue)
  • Ink pad and stamps

Step 1: Plan a theme for the scrapbook, and choose your supplies accordingly.

Step 2: Open the autograph book, and lay it flat on white paper. Trace around the book (add about 1/4 inch to one side -- you can trim the fabric later if it is too big) and cut out. Use the white paper as a pattern to cut out the novelty fabric.

Step 3: Stand the book up with its pages open. Coat the front and back covers and spine with white glue. Smear a thin coat of white glue on the backside of the fabric.

Step 4: Line up the corners of one side of the book with the backside of the fabric. Press down with a clean hand inside the book. Close the book, press the fabric around the spine and into the grooves, and then press the second side down.

Step 5: Let dry for a day and trim fabric if needed. Meanwhile, using the colored paper, cut out background circles, squares, triangles, etc., for photos or other mementos with the fancy scissors.

Step 6: Decide how you will place the photos inside the book. Cut out other shapes from felt. Play around with the contents of the book until you're satisfied.

Step 7: Glue everything down with white glue. Decorate the inside and cover of the scrapbook with markers, glitter glue, multicolored glue, and ink stamps.

Combine the dots to make a work of art in the next indoor craft.

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