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Hopscotch Games

Hopping Games

If you like hopscotch, try these hopping games from different countries. Each one is a little different from the next, but you'll see that all of them use the basic idea of hopscotch.

Two games show how English kids and French kids play hopscotch; others have you capture the squares for a game of "Real Estate" or "Snail." Get ready, get set, get hopping!


What You'll Need

Paved area to play


Rocks or other markers

How to Play "Real Estate"

Step 1: Draw a basic hopscotch court.

Step 2: Each time a player successfully completes the court, he or she carefully tosses the marker over one shoulder. If it lands in a square of the court, the player chalks his or her initials in it.

Step 3: The marked square then belongs to that player, and all others must hop over it. The owner of the square uses it as a resting spot.

The winner is the player who "owns" the most squares.

How to Play English Hopscotch

Players hold their markers between their feet and hop like kangaroos from one large, numbered square to the next. Dropping the marker means the player loses a turn.

How to Play "Snail"

Snail is played on a round court with an inside space. Players take turns hopping on one foot from the first space to the center, marked "rest," then back out. Players then toss the marker to get a square, as in "Real Estate."

How to Play French Hopscotch

Players perform stunts with the marker while hopping the court. Here's a common stunt: Hop on one foot from one square to the next. At the same time as you're hopping, kick the marker to the next square with the hopping foot or balance the marker on the back of a hand or foot while hopping.

In China, hopscotch is called "gat fei gei," which translates to "airplane hopscotch." Keep reading to learn more about it.

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