Hiking Activities for Kids

Hiking Back In Time

When kids go hiking back in time, the "good old days" are up close and personal. People often call hiking "getting back to nature," but today's hiking supplies make it a pretty modern activity. So why not take an adventurous kid back in time by hitting the rugged trail the old-fashioned way?

What You'll Need:

  • Large square of cloth
  • Walking stick
  • Beef jerky
  • Water
  • Dried fruit

Pack your child's pack the way the pioneers might have. Instead of a fanny pack, grab a square of cloth and tie it around a walking stick. Forget the snack bars and sports drinks. Pack some beef jerky, water, and dried fruit. Ask you child to consider that hiking was for a long time a means of transportation, rather than something to do just for fun. When kids get this perspective on hiking, they'll hike back to the present with a whole new appreciation.Show kids how to get a new perspective on an old trail with the hiking activity on the next page.Find more summer activities for kids: