Hiking Activities for Kids

Track a gigantic legend in the finding Big Foot activity.
Track a gigantic legend in the finding Big Foot activity.
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For adventurous kids, the best playground ever is the great outdoors. These hiking activities for kids provide ideas for making your next family hiking trip even more exciting, educational, and fun!

­Remember, no one (kids or adults) should go hiking alone. Always make sure your child hikes with a buddy. Not only is it smart to travel in groups in case there's an accident, most of these hiking activities are a lot more fun with two or more people.


So pack some knapsacks, grab a few bottles of water, and hit the trail with your child, using these hiking activities as your guide.

On The Right Track

Who else is hiking the trails with you? Your child can become an expert animal tracker and discover who lives along the path.

Finding Big Foot

Whether your child believes in Big Foot or not, it's great fun to find 'clues' of his existence anyway and record them in a journal.

Shoe In, Shoe Out

What kind of shoe is kindest to the environment? Discover what kind of footprint your kids leave when they go hiking.

Hiking Back In Time

People hiked trails for thousands of years without the help of modern equipment. Pack for your next trip the old-fashioned way.

Knee-High Hike

Change the way kids see the trail when they change their bodies' position.

Historical Trails

There are trails of history everywhere you look. Encourage your child to learn the heritage of their area when they discover the footpaths of their ancestors.

Greetings On the Trail

Since carving messages into trees and rocks is a nature no-no, kids can learn how to carve messages into mud and sand for fellow hikers.

Keep reading to get started with a hiking activity that teaches kids about the tracks of animals on your trail.

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