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Book Page Bingo

Book Page Bingo is a fun indoor word activity for kids.
Book Page Bingo is a fun indoor word activity for kids.
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Book Page Bingo is a competitive group word game for kids that will have them begging to crack the books. Watch your kids search the pages of their favorite books to win!

How to Play Book Page Bingo

What You'll Need:

  • Books
  • Bingo Game
  • Blank Paper

Step One: Try something new with an old favorite. Pass out one bingo card and five books to each player. As the caller announces each letter/number combination (for example, B 12), players check to see if they have that square on their card.

Step Two: If they do, they must search through their books for the page number (page 12) and find a word that begins with that letter (B). The first person to raise their hand and show that combination, claims that bingo square and covers it on their card.

Step Three: The first person to cover a row -- vertical, horizontal, or diagonal -- on their card wins the game.

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