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Water Sprayers

Sprinklers are even more fun when kids make their own.
Sprinklers are even more fun when kids make their own.
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If it's hot outside, these water sprayers will surely save the day. Running through a sprinkler on a hot day is a great way for kids to cool down, but it's even more fun when they've made their own sprinklers.

If your home has enough hoses and faucets, you can set up several of these water sprayers (plus a few regular sprinklers) in your yard. Invite your child's friends over for a water party -- and be prepared for them all to get wet.

What You'll Need:

  • Strong stake or old broomstick
  • Hammer
  • 18-inch length of rubber tubing
  • Hose and faucet
  • Old rubber glove
  • Tin can
  • Nail
  • String

Note: Adult help needed.

The following are several different Water Sprayer models. Create them all with your child's help and find out which one cools them off best. Water whip: Drive a stake or an old broomstick into the ground. Take a piece of rubber tubing at least one-half inch in diameter and stretch one end over the end of a garden hose. Tie the hose to the stake so that the rubber tubing can flap freely at the top. Turn on the water, and adjust the height of the hose and the water pressure until the tubing waves around on its own, spraying water as it goes.Water hand: Poke holes in the fingertips of an old rubber glove, such as a dish-washing glove. Tie the cuff of the glove tightly over the end of a hose. Fasten the water hand to a stake so it sprays upright, or drape the hose over a tree branch to make a 'handy' shower.Tin can shower: Use a nail to punch holes around the bottom edge of a large tin can. Punch two more holes at the top and insert a string to hang the can from a branch. Fill the can with water. As water sprays out through the holes, the can will spin -- and the kids will be soaked in no time.

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