Garden Hose Activities

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When summer heat hits, kids look for any way to cool down. Garden Hose Activities for Kids are great ways to beat the heat, especially if you're far from a lake, beach, or swimming pool.

Kids should know that it's a good idea to use an old hose for these activities -- no matter how much fun they are, it's best to recycle an old hose, rather than alter a brand new one.

Explore the garden hose activities for kids below. After everyone's been soaked through, encourage your child to dream up other ways to use a garden hose to cool off this summer.

Hole-y Hose

This garden hose activity puts you and the hose into a kind of race. Learn how to make an old hose into a new game.

Water Sprayers

Sprinklers are fun, but homemade sprinklers are even better. Learn how to make homemade water sprayers.

Find out how to make an old hose into brand-new fun on the next page.

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