Garden Activities for Kids

Fruit Seed Garden

You don't need to buy seeds to plant a fruit seed garden -- and you don't have to wait for warm weather to start this simple garden activity for kids. You'll be recycling seeds from the fruit your family eats. A few days before starting the garden, have members of your family save seeds they find in any fruit that they eat. You can do the same. That way, you'll have plenty of seeds for your garden.

What You'll Need:

  • Seeds from fruit (like apples, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, or limes)
  • Dish of water
  • Plant pot
  • Soil

Step 1: Once you have eight to 10 fruit seeds, fill a small dish with water and soak the seeds for a day or two.

Step 2: Fill a plant pot with soil.

Step 3: Bury the seeds about a quarter of an inch deep in the soil, and water them.

Step 4: Over the next few weeks, watch your seeds carefully. Keep the plant pot in a sunny place, and water the seeds every couple of days. Soon you'll see plants pop through the soil.

As the plants get bigger, you may want to separate them into bigger pots or plant them outdoors, if the weather is warm enough.

Have you ever seen a cucumber growing in a bottle and wondered how that's done? Check the next page to learn the tricks that make this possible.

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