Easy Ornament Crafts for Kids

There's a reason that preschools and kindergartens have kids make ornaments at holiday time -- it's fun! Children enjoy both the process of making ornament crafts and the results. Whether they hang their ornament on a Christmas tree or decorate the table with their creation, they have something they can proudly show to friends and relatives.

So why keep all the fun at school? Making easy ornament craft projects at home is a great way to involve your kids in preparing for a holiday or decorating for a season. It's also a great way to keep the tots occupied and to reinforce many of the skills they're learning at school.

Follow the links below for instructions on making some winter-themed ornaments:

Glitter Ornaments

Add some sparkle to your Christmas tree, or hang these pretty ornaments in the window to celebrate winter.

Craft Foam Ornaments

These ornaments are easy and bright, and kids can use their imaginations to make them as simple or elaborate as they want.

Clay Pocket Ornaments

Most kids love the chance to work in 3-D, and these easy clay ornaments give them the chance.

Beach Ball Ornaments

This is a unique but easy project, and your kids will love looking at the results year-round.

Straw Stars

These decorations are so simple and lovely. Make a bunch of them to hang on a tree, around a lamp, or in a sunny window.

For more fun paper crafts and ornaments, check out: