Dress-Up Activities for Kids

The Fashion Set

Become part of the "fashion set" by dressing up in different outfits. That's right -- doll up, dude up, and strut your stuff! Part of the fun in dressing up is to pretend you're someone else.

Gather your "fashion" wardrobe by borrowing clothing from your parents, siblings, or any other people in your household. Just be sure to ask for permission first!

What You'll Need:

  • Dress-up clothes (dresses, men's suits, shoes, hats, coats, purses, jewelry, gloves)

How to Become Part of the Fashion Set:

Step 1: Dress up as different people.

Step 2: See how many fashionable, funny, or downright strange outfits you can come up with. You'll have a roaring good time.

Step 3: Plan a fashion show, and see if your audience can guess who you are!

Now that you've pretended to be other people, who would you like to be when you grow up? Keep reading to learn more about that dress-up activity.

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