Dance Activities for Kids

Groove with Jazz Dance

Anything goes with jazz dancing.
Anything goes with jazz dancing.
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Kids can move to their own groove with jazz dance, one of the coolest dance activities for kids! Pick up the beat, grab the mood, and strut to classic jazz, bebop, or Dixieland swing. Use the basement or family room for your kids' personal jazz club.

What You'll Need:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Fast or slow jazz music
  • Smooth floor
  • Mirror (optional)

Step 1: Help kids explore several types of jazz music by finding radio stations that play jazz. Find the kind of music they feel like dancing to.

Step 2: Listen to the rhythm, and then try to follow it with your feet and other parts of your body. Be creative!

Step 3: If you want, practice in front of a mirror to refine your moves. You can "interpret" the music with your steps and with your movements.

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