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Leonardo Da Salty

Leonardo Da Salty is an indoor craft that teaches kids to make innovative art.
Leonardo Da Salty is an indoor craft that teaches kids to make innovative art.
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Leonardo Da Salty is a craft project that lets kids use science and salt to make amazing pictures! Salt and food color will both dissolve in water, which is a physical change.

If the water evaporates, the salt and the food color are left behind, which is also a physical change. Use these physical changes (which make a substance look different but don't change the chemistry of the objects) to make great art!

How to Make Leonardo Da Salty:

What You'll Need:

  • Newspaper
  • Warm Water
  • Salt
  • Several Containers
  • Food Coloring
  • Paper
  • Paintbrushes or Cotton Swabs

Step One: Cover your work surface with newspaper. Mix warm water and salt together in several containers; add as much salt to each solution as it will hold -- until no more salt will dissolve.

Step Two: Add a few drops of different food color to each container, and mix well.

Step Three: Paint a picture on paper using the colored salt solutions. Put it on thick so that when it dries a lot of salt will be left behind.

Step Four: Let the painted paper sit for several hours until the water evaporates, and then observe. Notice how the color and salt remain on the paper. The interesting patterns of color around the salt crystals create a beautiful picture.

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