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Making Money
Making Money challenges kids to express their values creatively.
Making Money challenges kids to express their values creatively.
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Making Money is a creative craft project for kids that's educational and fun. Real money reflects the culture of the land from which it originates. It tells you what is important to the people of that country. U.S. currency features American landmarks, leaders, and spiritual symbols.

Who and what would you honor if you could create paper money of your own?

How to Make Money:

What You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Real Money to Study
  • Scissors

Step One: What would your money say about you if you had a land of your own? Why not design your own paper money and find out?

Step Two: Which heroes -- both male and female -- would you feature on the bills? Why? What landmarks best reflect who you are? Why?Step Three: What color would your money be? Make your own money to find out more about yourself -- so get out your art supplies and draw!

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