Craft Projects for Kids

Make a Note Keeper Keepsake with your kids where they can keep prized possessions.
Make a Note Keeper Keepsake with your kids where they can keep prized possessions.
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Craft Projects for kids are great activities for parties or everyday fun. Teach your kids to make delightful gifts for family and friends, and enjoy the time you spend together completing these creative projects.

Learn to make personalized keepsakes or art projects that everyone will appreciate. Craft Projects for Kids give children the opportunity to express their tastes and create something beautiful at the same time.


On the following pages, you'll find a wide variety of craft projects that are sure to inspire your children's imaginations.

Net Scape

Teach your children to make a Net Scape, a vibrant collage from images they find on the Internet.

Leonardo Da Salty

Adding salt to watercolor paints creates a unique look for the pictures your children paint. Spice up your kid's art projects with Leonardo Da Salty.

Note Keeper Keepsake

Help your kids build a Note Keeper Keepsake to hold sentimental objects.

Sandy Shore Candle

When you make the Sandy Shore Candle with your kids, you don't need to worry about hot wax. Find out how to make this innovative candle.

Motor Mat

Help your kids create a Motor Mat map of your neighborhood that's both useful and fun during playtime.

Clothespin People

Watch your kids make Clothespin People who resemble friends and family.

Multicolored Crayons

Don't throw away old crayons! Turn them into unique art tools with this Multicolored Crayons craft project.

Canada Day Flag

Celebrate our neighbor's national holiday, July 1, by making a Canada Day Flag with your kids.

Flittering Butterflies

Create a Flittering Butterflies mobile with your kids that's perfect for a sun room or nursery.

All That Glitters

Make shimmering All That Glitters ornaments with your kids and hang them where they will catch the light.

Candle Shield

Learn how to make a Candle Shield, an artistic keepsake that makes a great gift for friends and family.

Making Money

Challenge your kids to think about what's valuable to them with the Making Money craft project.

Hair-Clip Holder

Put an end to lost barrettes and hair ties when you and your kids make a Hair-Clip Holder.

Turn your kids' time on the Internet into a productive, creative exercise. Read about Net Scape, an innovative craft project, on the next page.

Looking for more crafts to do with your kids? Try: