Camping Safety Tips for Kids

Leave It Alone

The beauty of the natural world draws a constant flow of visitors. While it seems like a nice idea to bring souvenirs home from an outdoors vacation, doing so can be disruptive to the environment -- it's important that kids and adults alike know to leave it alone.

Don't worry, though: There are plenty of ways to keep mementos of your wilderness trip without disrupting a thing.

What You'll Need:

  • Hard surface (book, cardboard, magazine)
  • White paper
  • Crayons (some with the paper peeled away)

How to Leave It Alone:

Step 1: When you see a leaf, gently press it between a hard surface (like a piece of cardboard or a book) and a plain piece of white paper.

Step 2: Take a crayon with the paper peeled away and lay it on its side on the surface of the paper. Rub gently across the paper and leaf. Before you know it, you'll have a "copy" of the ridges and textures of that special leaf.

Step 3: Flowers don't hold up well to rubbings, but you can take the time to sketch a picture of the blossoms you see. Be sure to make notes about where you saw the flower and what made it special to you.

Hiking kids can leave markers along a trail for others to follow. Learn to teach them how on the next page.

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