Camping Safety Tips for Kids

The Comforts of Home -- Outdoors

Going camping doesn't have to mean completely leaving civilization behind. Bring the comforts of home outdoors while out in the wild -- without harming the environment.

What You'll Need:

  • Shovel
  • Biodegradable toilet paper (from a camping supplier)
  • Plastic garbage bags
  • Biodegradable soap (from a camping supplier)
  • Bandanna

How to Make the Comforts of Home -- Outdoors:

Step 1: To make a one-day LATRINE, scoop a shallow "cat hole" in the dirt with your heel for solid waste and urine. Bury the waste when business is complete. Never use waterways as toilets.

Step 2: For overnight camping, dig a latrine (around ten inches deep) behind some bushes away from camp. Leave dirt and a trowel or shovel by the latrine to cover waste immediately. Keep biodegradable toilet paper in a waterproof container.

Step 3: To make a GARBAGE DISPOSAL, burn fruit peels and plate scrapings in a campfire (if one is available).

Step 4: Put other trash in plastic bags and suspend them from tree limbs. Take them along when the trip is over. Don't bury garbage, or animals will dig it up later.

Step 5: For DISH WASHING, wipe the pot out with a paper towel and burn the towel in your campfire (or put it in your garbage bag to throw out).

Step 6: Fill the pot with water and heat it. Add a drop of biodegradable soap. Let the water boil, then remove the pot. Let it cool, then swish the pot clean with a bandanna.

Step 7: Dig a shallow hole outside of camp to dump the soapy water into. Don't dump soapy or dirty water into streams, lakes, or rivers.

Keep reading to learn how to get found when lost in the wilderness.

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