Camping Games for Kids

Find Some Direction

Kids will find it challenging to find some direction after getting spun around in circles while blindfolded. You'll probably want to be nearby when kids play this game.

What You'll Need:

  • Friend
  • Open space
  • Blindfold
  • Compass

How to Play Find Some Direction:

Step 1: Have your child grab a friend, a blindfold, and a compass. Go with them to a wide-open space where they can walk in all directions (and fall down if they get dizzy).

Step 2: Have one kid wrap the blindfold around the other's eyes. The blindfolded player faces north; then the "seeing" player spins the blind one around three times.

Step 3: The seeing player asks the blindfolded player to walk two steps to the north ... then south ... then east ... then west. Make sure the seeing player uses a compass to check which way the blindfolded player goes.

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