Camping Games for Kids

Camping games for kids are a great way for kids to learn about their surroundings and use up some energy at the same time. Simply transplant an everyday game such as bingo to the great outdoors, or create a brand new game!

Camping games for kids are also great because there aren't any pieces to lose and everybody wins. Play a few camping games and find out why there's more to camping than setting up a tent or hiking through the woods.

Follow the links below to learn more about camping games for kids.

Outdoor Alphabet

On their next hike, kids can find everyday outdoor items starting with different letters of the alphabet.

Campsite Bingo

Have a group of kids create their own wilderness fill-in-the-blank bingo game.

Find Some Direction

Challenge kids to see how well they know their directions -- blindfolded.

Discover the alphabet that lurks in the wilderness -- keep reading to learn more.

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