Camping Food Activities

No-Utensil Food

Let your campfire burn down, then try your hand at these no-pan, no-utensil food recipes.

What You'll Need:

  • Hot coals
  • Ingredients for recipes
  • String
  • Safe scissors
  • Metal bucket
  • Salt water

How to Make No-Utensil Food:

Step 1: Once your campfire has burned down a bit, you're ready to start preparing your food dishes.

  • Orange cup breakfast: Halve an orange and scoop out the fruit. Leave the peel intact. Break an egg into one orange cup. Measure mix for one muffin into the other cup and add water. (The batter should half-fill the cup.) Set the cups on hot coals for 10 minutes.
  • Roasted green corn: Peel the husks back, leaving the cobs attached at the bottom, and remove the silks. Replace the husks to cover the ears and tie in place. Soak the ears for 15 minutes in a clean bucket of salt water. Set the ears upright against a rock near the coals. Turn until all sides are slightly browned. Remove the husks and eat right away.
  • Caveman potatoes: With a stick, push aside some coals in the fire. Drop a clean potato in the gap and cover with ashes and coals. Bake 30 minutes. Scrape the coals and roll the potato on to a plate. Allow to cool, then brush off the ashes. Eat by scooping the potato from the jacket.

Save room for dessert -- keep reading and you'll find out how to make some with your campfire.

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