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Food for the Trail

Try fixing a walking salad instead of a sandwich on your next trail hike.
Try fixing a walking salad instead of a sandwich on your next trail hike.
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Next time you go on a long hike, pack some food for the trail that's easy to carry and won't make a mess.

What You'll Need:

  • Ingredients for individual recipes

How to Make Food for the Trail:

Step 1: Food for hiking should be easy to carry and shouldn't make a mess. Pack your food in moisture-proof containers, such as plastic sandwich boxes, that will keep sandwiches from getting crushed and will contain any spills. Always carry plenty of drinking water. (Don't trust open water sources along the trail.)

Step 2: Try these recipes as a change of pace from the ordinary sandwich-and-fruit lunch:

  • Hot dogs: Before leaving on a hike, fill a wide-mouthed vacuum bottle with hot water. Add a hot dog and seal the bottle. Put a bun in a sandwich bag and condiments in small containers. When you're ready for lunch, your hot dog should be hot.
  • Instant taco: Pack hot, cooked taco meat in a wide-mouthed insulated vacuum bottle. Fill a plastic lunch box with tortilla chips or a taco shell and sprinkle on grated cheese. If you like, pack chopped tomatoes or lettuce in a separate container. At lunch time, scoop the meat onto the chips, add tomatoes and lettuce, and eat from the chip container.
  • Walking salad: Cut off the top of an apple. Carefully cut out the core almost to the bottom. Scoop out the pulp of the apple and mix it with two large spoonfuls of cottage cheese, some chopped nuts, and raisins. Stuff the mixture back into the apple shell. Replace the top and use toothpicks to hold it on. You can eat the salad and the container as well.

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