Camping Food Activities

Dinner on a Stick

Just because you're in the wilderness doesn't mean you can't have a great meal. But it does mean you might have to eat your dinner on a stick.

What You'll Need:

  • Long, slender hardwood sticks (maple, oak, alder, or ash are good)
  • Pocket knife (supervise use by children)
  • Ingredients for individual recipes

How to Make Dinner on a Stick:

Step 1: Help your kids cut pencil-thick cooking sticks about two and a half feet long. Carve one end of the sticks to a point.

Step 2: Slip the food onto the point and push it back so that an inch or so of stick pokes out the other side. Cook the food over a good bed of hot coals (not flames, which will just scorch it). Hold the food horizontally over the coals and turn frequently until done.

  • Hot dogs and sausages: Push the stick through the hot dog or sausage lengthwise, or it may break in half and fall in the fire. Roast over coals, turning constantly, until sizzling.
  • Kebabs: Cut meat into one-inch square cubes. Cut small onions in quarters. Cut potatoes, carrots, or bell peppers into chunks about an inch across. Slip chunks of meat and vegetables onto your stick. Roast over the coals until the meat is done.

Roast your food over the campfire in an aluminum foil mini-grill! Keep reading to learn how.

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