Camping Food Activities

Try fixing a walking salad instead of a sandwich on your next trail hike.
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After a long day of exploring in the wilderness, it's good to have a few camping food activities for kids ready for hungry campers. Whether it's roasting a few veggies over a hot campfire or preparing some tasty desserts cooked over the outdoor grill you constructed, the whole crew will be begging for seconds.

You don't need to be a master chef to fix these camping foods either. With a few simple ingredients that will easily fit in your knapsack, your feasts will be ready to eat. Just be careful not to attract any unwanted guests to your meal -- like bears!


Follow the links below to learn how to prepare delicious camping food activities:

Mini-Munchy Cookout

Bring a big appetite to the outdoors to eat all your miniature foods.

Dinner on a Stick

The world is your kebab when you cook your dinner on a stick.

Food in Foil

Prepare great recipes for your outdoor feast when you cook them in foil.

Food for the Trail

Take along delicious and portable meals the next time you embark upon a long hike.

Make an Outdoor Grill

Upgrade your campfire with an outdoor grill you construct in the ground.

No-Utensil Food

You won't have to worry about packing any utensils to enjoy these recipes.

Camp Desserts

Make sure you save room after your hearty campfire meal for some delicious desserts.

Solar Helper

If you get lost, you'll be able to find water for yourself by utilizing the sun in this activity.

Solar Cooker

Use the power of the sun to help cook some hot dogs for your hungry campers.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare some tasty little campfire treats.

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