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Camping Activities for Kids

Camp Cooking Gadgets

Make a pan to cook biscuits out of aluminum foil and a coat hanger.
Make a pan to cook biscuits out of aluminum foil and a coat hanger.
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Make Camp Cooking Gadgets with your kids. It's fun to make useful "gadgets" for your outdoor kitchen.

How to Make Camp Cooking Gadgets

What You'll Need:

  • Unpainted Coat Hangers
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Wire Cutters (with adult help)
  • Pliers

Step One: Rather than buying things you might only need once, see how inventive you can be with wire and foil. To make a meat fork, cut the hook off a stiff wire coat hanger and straighten the wire.


Step Two: Bend the middle of the wire around a thick stick to form a loop. Twist the stick while holding the two strands with pliers. Leave about four inches of wire untwisted.

Step Three: Separate these to form two tines. Remove the stick from the loop in the handle. If the handle sags, wire it to a straight stick.

Step Four: To make a ladle, begin as you did for the meat fork, but leave six-inch ends. Bend the ends around a tin can or flashlight to form a circle. Wrap the overlapping ends of wire around each other.

Step Five: Shape the bowl of the ladle from foil. Push the bowl through the wire circle. Leave plenty of foil for the overlap, and fold the overlap under the bowl of the ladle.

Step Six: To make a biscuit pan, straighten a wire coat hanger. Fold the wire into a square and twist the ends together. Use any extra wire to form a loop.

Step Seven: Using the wire square as a pattern, form a box from two layers of foil. Leave several inches for overlap. Place the foil box in the wire square and fold the overlap down and under the edges of the box.

Step Eight: Set cut biscuits in the pan. Sprinkle on a layer of smooth ashes. Set the biscuit pan on the coals. Cover with foil. Check often.

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