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Sand Memory Game

Play the Sand Memory Game.
Play the Sand Memory Game.

The Sand Memory Game is a great beach game for kids, and all that's required to play it is two people with good memories! That, and a significant amount of sand.

What You'll Need:

  • Beach
  • Rocks or shells
  • Beach towel

Sit back to back on the sand and draw a grid. Decide ahead of time how big to make your grid. You might start with a grid 16 squares large (four squares per side), then make it bigger as you get better.

Have your friend turn away while you set out rocks on your grid. You can only put one rock on each square, but you don't have to put a rock on every square. Once you've created your rock pattern, cover it with a towel.

Uncover your grid and let your friend look at it for 15 seconds, then re-cover the grid with the towel. Your friend now has to duplicate the pattern on his or her own grid. When your friend is done, lift the towel and see how close he or she got. Switch roles and let your friend lay out a pattern.

Change the rules as you get better at the game. You might allow more than one rock per square. You could use different markers, such as shells, rocks, and twigs, or make bigger grids.

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