Beach Games for Kids

On a Roll

Play On a Roll at the Beach.
Play On a Roll at the Beach.

On a Roll is a beach game that kids will love, and it's a terrific exercise in hand-eye coordination.

What You'll Need: ­

  • Sand
  • Shovel
  • Tennis ball

This is the perfect game for a day at the beach. First, dig one hole in the sand that's big enough for a tennis ball to roll into it. The hole should be about ten feet away from the water.

Then, move back about a foot and dig a row of two holes behind the first hole, making sure they face the water. The holes should be about a foot apart.

Now dig three holes in a row another foot behind the two holes. (With each row of holes that you dig, you should be

getting further away from the water).

Finally, dig four holes in the sand behind the row of three holes. You should now have a triangle-shaped game set up.

After all that hard work, it's time to get rolling! Stand back about 25 to 30 steps from the last row of holes and roll the tennis ball down the beach toward the holes. You're allowed five rolls and you get points for every ball you sink -- the hole closest to the water is worth 100 points, each hole in the row with two holes is worth 50 points, each one in the row of three is worth 25 points, and each one in the row of four is worth five points.

How many points can you get? Roll with it!

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