Beach Crafts for Kids

Find a seashell on the sand. See more pictures of beaches.
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The beach is a wonderful place to relax -- but why not get creative while you're there? Beach crafts are fun diversions that leave you with lasting, handmade memories of your trip to the shore.

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Many of the materials you'll need for a beach craft are things you can find yourself. It's a satisfying way to transform your trip without spending a lot of money.

Follow the links below and learn how to make your own beach crafts:

Snag Some Seashells

A seashell is a great starting point for a beach craft -- but first you've got to find one!

Sand Clay Sculpture

Incorporate the sandy beach into your sculpture with this craft technique.

Seashell Wind Chimes

The gentle breeze that jostles your wind chimes will take you back to the shore.

Keep reading to learn how a sea creature's former home can be a great beach find.

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