Baseball Activities for Kids

Baseball Rules Game

Study the rules before playing the game.
Study the rules before playing the game.

Answering questions can help beef up your baseball skills. Next time your team needs a little practice AND a little update on basic rules, try playing the baseball rules game.

What You'll Need:

  • Baseball diamond
  • Rule and trivia books
  • Players

Instead of swinging the bat for base hits, answer a baseball rule or trivia question instead. There are loads of great trivia books and rule books that you can check out at the public library, so boning up doesn't need to cost a cent.

If you get a question right, go to first base and wait for your teammates to bring you home by answering their questions. Knowing who did what, when, and how, and knowing the rules, can only improve your game.

Keep reading for a backwards twist on on a game of baseball.

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