Backyard Games for Kids

Storyteller Scavenger Hunt

Storyteller Scavenger Hunt is a backyard game that's creative and challenging. Most of us have gone on a scavenger hunt -- a race to find items on a list. But this one has a very creative twist.

How to Play Storyteller Scavenger Hunt

What You'll Need:

  • Paper Bags for Collecting Items
  • Friends

Step One: Each team (two or more to a team) must bring back the items on

the list (a list like something red, something living, something old, something hard, something soft, something gross).

Step Two: But here's the trick. The winner isn't the one who finds all the items. The winner is the team that finds the items AND comes up with the best story to string them all together.

For example: "Once upon a time, a pioneer girl snagged her red hair ribbon on this old piece of barbed wire, while running from a swarm of pill bugs with runny noses. Why were the pill bugs swarming? To steal her bag of marshmallows, of course. They were tired of sleeping on hard, hard stones."

Step Three: Get the picture? This one is bound to be a laugh magnet.

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