Backyard Activities for Kids

Happy Trails

In the Happy Trails backyard activity, your kids can turn your backyard, local park, or camp into a nature trail.

How to Make Happy Trails

What You'll Need:

  • Stakes and Small Thin Boards to Make Signs
  • Paint

Step One: If you have a favorite natural area, make a trail to point out its interesting features. You can make a permanent trail on private land, or a temporary one in a park for a special occasion.

Step Two: Make small signs from scrap wood. Paint them, and use paint or permanent markers to write out descriptions of the interesting features or things to do at each station.

Step Three: Nail the signs to stakes. Here are some ideas for stations:

  • Give the name of a tree and list some interesting facts about it.
  • Point out a tree that has a bird nest in it. Tell what kind of bird has made the nest.
  • State that an animal has made its home near the station. Challenge your readers to find it.
  • Have the reader stop and listen for the call of a particular bird that lives near the station.
  • Put a station near some sweet-scented flower or other plant.

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