Backyard Activities for Kids

Map Your Yard

The Map Your Yard activity teaches kids the basic principles of map making. How well do you think you know your yard? Find out when you draw a nature map.

How to Map Your Yard

What You'll Need:

  • Large Piece of Paper
  • Markers
  • Field Guide to Plants and Trees

Step One: First, try to draw a map of your yard from memory. No peeking outside! How much can you remember?

Step Two: When you're finished, take a look and compare, then make another yard map that shows how much you know about nature. Map all the trees, shrubs, flowers, and so on. Label them with their names.

Step Three: Also include any other interesting features of your yard, such as large rocks and animal homes.

Make Happy Trails through your yard or a park near your home. Learn this backyard activity on the next page.

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