Backyard Activities for Kids

Vegetable in a Bottle

The Vegetable in a Bottle trick will mystify everyone -- but it takes a lot of patience!

How to Make a Vegetable in a Bottle

What You'll Need:

  • Clear Plastic Bottle with a Narrow Mouth (such as a soft drink bottle)
  • Garden Vegetable Plant (such as cucumber or zucchini)
  • Wooden Box (optional)

Step One: Find someone friendly who has a vegetable garden and who is willing to help you. Watch for a garden plant to blossom and set fruit.

Step Two: Cucumbers, zucchini, or gourds work well for this. Slip the tiny vegetable -- still attached to the stem -- into the neck of a plastic bottle. Be careful not to break the stem.

Step Three: Make sure the bottle is shaded under the leaves of the plant, or cover the bottle with a wooden box to keep the sun from heating the bottle too much.

Step Four: Now wait for the vegetable to grow. Once it's big enough to nearly fill the bottle, cut the stem and go show your friends. See if they can figure out how the vegetable got in the bottle. Then you can cut away the bottle to get the vegetable out.

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