Back-to-School Crafts

Growing Indian Corn

Grow your own Indian corn for fall.
Grow your own Indian corn for fall.

Growing Indian Corn will yield a colorful harvest that you can use in fun back-to-school crafts!

What You'll Need:

  • Indian corn seeds
  • Small, sunny square of ground

Do you love the way that colorful brown, yellow, and orange Indian corn brightens up the autumn? You can plant your own series of stalks long before the summer turns to fall.

Step 1: Head for your favorite general or gardening store in March, April, or May. Gather up seed packets of colorful corn varieties.

Step 2: Plant them as instructed on the packages.

By the time fall comes around, you'll have grown your own rainbow of maize to harvest and enjoy.

Another fun activity in the fall is playing in the leaves. Try out the Sneaky Leaf Gathering Game on the next page.

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