Back-to-School Crafts

Pre-Carved Pumpkins

For this back-to-school craft, plant dwarf pumpkin seeds in the summer and be the hit of your class Halloween party with a Pre-Carved Pumpkin.

What You'll Need:

  • Sunny garden spot
  • Dwarf pumpkin seeds or starts
  • Water
  • Clean nail

When you grow your very own dwarf pumpkin, there's a way to make it reflect your personal moods. All it takes is a clean nail.

Step 1: Plant dwarf pumpkin seeds or starts in a sunny spot in your garden.

Step 2: After they grow from seeds to flowers to melons, and when they are yellow and just about to turn orange, carve your name in the skin of the pumpkin with a clean, sharp nail. Be careful not to slip and "nail" your own skin.

Step 3: As the pumpkin continues to grow, the skin will scar over your marks, leaving a very personal signature.

Indian corn is another great fall decoration. Learn how to grow Indian corn on the next page.

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