Back-to-School Crafts

Cornhusk Doll

Make an easy Cornhusk Doll.
Make an easy Cornhusk Doll.

Use this back-to-school craft project to make an easy Cornhusk Doll with Indian corn to celebrate the arrival of fall.

What You'll Need:

  • One ear of Indian corn
  • Yarn
  • Craft stick or frozen treat stick
  • Craft glue
  • Black felt-tip pen

Step 1: Bend the cornhusks on the ear of the Indian corn over the cob.

Step 2: Tie a piece of yarn around the husks about 2 inches from the top for the head.

Step 3: Tie another piece around the husks at the middle of the cob for the body.

Step 4: Insert a craft stick or frozen treat stick through the husks for the arms. Add a dab of glue to hold the arms in place.

Step 5: Draw a face on the husks.

Step 6: Glue yarn hair on top of the doll's head.

For another creative use of corn, see the next page and learn how to do Indian Corn Painting.

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