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Back-to-School Crafts

Stamped Harvest Placemats

Make a set of Stamped Harvest Placemats.
Make a set of Stamped Harvest Placemats.

With these decorative Stamped Harvest Placemats, fruits and veggies become art supplies. Even the pickiest eater will get a kick out of this back-to-school craft.

What You'll Need:

  • Onion, apple, mushroom, garlic clove, Brussels sprout, cabbage wedge, and/or other fruits and vegetables
  • Knife
  • Table covering
  • Clean foam food trays
  • Paint
  • Construction paper
  • Clear adhesive vinyl

These festive mealtime decorations can be used to celebrate any of the many international harvest festivals. Make the harvest placemats by printing with fruit and vegetables.


Step 1: Choose several fruits or vegetables and have an adult help you cut each in half.

Step 2: Cover the table.

Step 3: Pour several colors of paint into clean foam food trays. Choose fall colors or create your own personal color scheme.

Step 4: Dip the cut side of the fruit or vegetable into the paint, and then make a print on a sheet of construction paper.

Make several prints on the paper. You can cover each sheet of paper with a combination of fruit and vegetable prints or a single fruit printed with different colors.

Step 5: Let the paint dry.

Step 6: Cut 2 pieces of clear adhesive vinyl slightly larger than the construction paper placemat.

Step 7: Peel the white paper off a sheet.

Step 8: Place the adhesive vinyl on a table, sticky side up.

Step 9: Carefully lay the placemat on top of the adhesive vinyl, and gently rub it so it sticks.

Step 10: Then peel the white paper off the second sheet of adhesive vinyl, and carefully place it, sticky side down, on top of the unsealed side of the placemat. Gently rub to seal.

Step 11: Trim the edges if necessary.

Now the easy-to-clean placemats are ready for a holiday meal!

See the next page to make an easy cornhusk doll to decorate the table along with your placemats.

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