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Harvest Corn Doll

Make a traditional Harvest Corn Doll.
Make a traditional Harvest Corn Doll.

Harvest Corn Dolls have been traditional autumn ornaments in England for hundreds of years. Introduce the tradition to your family by making one.

What You'll Need:

  • Cornhusks
  • Bowl of water
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Glue
  • Fabric scraps (optional)

Make a cornhusk doll for decoration or for play. These dolls were first made in England to celebrate harvest time.


Step 1: To make your own cornhusk doll, carefully peel the husks off 2 ears of corn.

Step 2: Place the husks in a bowl of water, and soak them until they soften.

Step 3: Remove them from the water, but allow them to remain damp.

Step 4: Start to make your doll by rolling a cornhusk into a ball for the doll's head.

Step 5: Layer 4 more cornhusks, and fold them over the head.

Step 6: Tie a piece of yarn under the head.

Step 7: Layer 2 more cornhusks, and roll them together lengthwise. Slip these under the head to create arms.

Step 8: Tie yarn at each end to make hands.

Step 9: Tie another piece of yarn under the arms to secure them in place and to make the doll's waist.

Step 10: Cut the ends of the husks hanging below the doll's waist to make legs.

Step 11: Tie yarn near the bottom of each leg to make feet.

Step 12: When the husks are dry, draw a face on the doll using a permanent marker. Be sure the husks are dry -- otherwise the markers might bleed.

Step 13: Make hair for your doll with yarn, and glue it on.

Step 14: Keep the doll natural in his or her cornhusk clothing, or create a more decorative outfit by cutting out scraps of fabric and gluing them on the doll.

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